Talking Evolution

26-28 September 2018


“Where is evolutionary thinking currently at? What advances to our understanding of evolutionary processes have been made? What gaps are there?”


The workshop “Talking evolution” offers the opportunity to present and discuss traditional evolutionary thinking in the light of findings from the fields of niche construction theory, extra-genetic inheritance, developmental bias and phenotypic plasticity.


The workshop will feature prominent speakers from all fields, targets young and established researchers currently working or planning on working in these fields, and encourages discussions in an openly structured timetable. Plenary speakers are: Paul Brakefield (Trinity College, UK), Luis-Miguel Chevin (CEFE, France), Troy Day (Queen’s University, Canada), Ilkka Kronholm (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), Kevin Laland (University of St Andrews, UK) & Sonia Sultan (Wesleyan University, USA). See the workshop flyer.


Location:  Plön, Germany
Abstract submission deadline: 30 April 2018
Registration: registration website
Organizers: Noémie Erin, Alice Feurtey, Dominik Schmid & Vandana Venkateswaran

Social Learning and Cultural Evolution Summer Workshop

21-22 June 2018


The Young Social Learning Researchers (YSLR) network will be hosting its second annual workshop in St Andrews in June. YSLR aims to bring together early career researchers from all corners of the broad and diverse field of Social Learning, to promote interdisciplinary collaborations and form an international community. The workshop will provide a platform for discussion on the state-of-art in the field, and will help participants develop interdisciplinary thinking and build a support network of fellow researchers. The workshop will conclude with a panel discussion on “Learning in the field – 20 years of Social Learning”, with Malinda Carpenter, Kevin Laland, Luke Rendell and (TBC) Ellen Garland.


Location: St Andrews, UK
Registration deadline: 20 April 2018
More information and registration: workshop website

The Biological and the Social between 1900 and Today Summer School

16-21 July 2018


The Biological and the Social between 1900 and Today Summer School held at the Central European University, Budapest, will explore the historical and present relationship between social sciences and evolutionary theory. Key topics of the course will include: early history of eugenics, different hereditary theories and their social implications, the nature/nurture divide, uses of history in genetics and vice versa, the relationship between social science and evolutionary theory. A limited number of tuition waivers and accommodation grants are available but applications for full scholarships are no longer accepted.​


Location: Budapest, Hungary
Organizers: Tatjana Buklijas & Emese Lafferton
Registration deadline: 19 March 2018
More information: Summer school website & flyer

BES Macro 2018

10-11 July 2018


BES Macro 2018 is the annual meeting of the British Ecological Society Macroecology (and macroevolution) Special Interest Group. Each year the meeting aims to highlight all kinds of macro-scale research, across diverse taxa, timescales, and career stages. Keynote speakers are Brian McGill (University of Maine), Nathalie Pettorelli (Zoological Society of London), Bob O’Hara (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Anne Magurran (University of St Andrews). Priority for remaining talks will be given to early career researchers.


Location: St Andrews, UK
Registration deadline: 30 April 2018
More information and registration: conference website
Contact: facebook and twitter

Complex Systems Summer School 2018

10 June – 6 July 2018


The Complex Systems Summer School offers an intensive 4-week introduction to complex behavior in mathematical, physical, living, and social systems. The school is for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and professionals seeking to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries and ask big questions about real-life complex systems.


The program consists of an intensive series of lectures, labs, and discussion sessions focusing on foundational concepts, tools, and current topics in complexity science. These include nonlinear dynamics, scaling theory, information theory, adaptation and evolution, network structure and dynamics, adaptive computation, simulation, and other subjects. Participants collaborate in developing novel research projects throughout the 4 weeks of the program that culminate in final presentations and papers.


Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Organizer: Santa Fe Institute
Registration deadline: 29 January 2018
More information: Summer school website

United Fronts: Unity, Organisation and Syntheses in the Life Sciences

8-9 May 2018


Researchers and affiliates of the John Templeton funded project ‘Putting the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis to the Test’ are invited to attend a two-day workshop to be held at the University of Cambridge. Organised around seven pre-circulated papers (to be made available in early April), the workshop will examine ideas around unity, centrality, and organisation the life sciences from a range of disciplinary perspectives.


Spaces for the workshop are limited. If you are interested in attending, please contact Andrew Buskell before 29 January 2018.


Location: Cambridge, UK
More information: download PDF

Eco Evo Devo Summer School

2-8 September 2018


The Eco Evo Devo Summer School builds on the successful courses run in 2012, 2014 and 2016 to again provide postgraduates with the opportunity to explore key questions and experimental approaches in ecological evolutionary developmental biology with leading scientists in this field.


Hands-on training will be provided in established practical techniques in both the laboratory and field, while the conceptual framework of this expanding research area will be addressed through seminars and discussion groups.


Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
Organizer: Oxford Brookes University
More information: Summer school website


3-4 May 2018


The ICEBSM 2018: 20th International Conference on Evolutionary Biology and Speciation Mechanisms aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Evolutionary Biology and Speciation Mechanisms. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Evolutionary Biology and Speciation Mechanisms.


Location: Rome, Italy
Abstract deadline: 15 December 2017
More information and registration: conference website

ESEB 2019 Congress

19-24 August 2019


The European Society for Evolutionary Biology will host their 2019 Congress in Turku, Finland. The call for symposia will open in August 2018, and the call for abstracts in February 2019.


Location: Turku, Finland
More information: conference website
Organizers: Craig Primmer, Tina Ahonen, Jon Brommer, Veijo Jormalainen, Kai Lindström, Toni Laaksonen, Irma Saloniemi, Hanna Tuomisto, Suvi Ruuskanen, Ilari Sääksjärvi, Sanna Huttunen & Varpu Vaahtera

5th Conference of the Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies

24-26 September 2018


The Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies will hold their fifth annual conference in September in Warsaw. More details to come.


Location: Warsaw, Poland
More information and registration: conference website

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