Speciation 2018 in Uppsala

26-27 April 2018


The Evolutionary Biology Centre at Uppsala University is pleased to announce their first symposium on speciation. Plenary speakers are Jenny Boughman (Michigan State University) and Maria Servedio (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). For other confirmed speakers, please see the conference poster.


Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Registration deadline: 20 April via the registration website
More information: conference poster

Evolution in the 21st Century

18-21 September 2018


Evolution in the 21st Century is the inaugural conference of the Milner Centre for Evolution. The Milner Centre for Evolution is a unique cross-faculty research centre bridging biology, health, and education. The opening of the new dedicated facility will be marked with a broad ranging conference on evolutionary biology, bringing together world leaders from across the field of evolution, including palaeontology, population biology, evolutionary ecology and much more.


Plenary speakers are: Alice Roberts (University of Birmingham), Gil McVean (University of Oxford), Hanna Kokko (University of Zurich), Neil Shubin (University of Chicago), and Peter and Rosemary Grant (Princeton University).


Location: Bath, United Kingdom
More information: conference website

Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute

29 July – 12 August 2018


The Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute will build a community of early career scholars dedicated to actively breaking down transdisciplinary boundaries in investigating the frontiers of intelligence. Pushing back the frontiers of intelligence requires pulling down the barriers between traditional disciplines. It requires the constitution of a new “community of practice” focused on diverse intelligences, in which promising young scholars are connected across disciplinary lines. The schedule balances lectures on cutting edge research with mentored collaborative work among fellows and includes a few local outings for fun and camaraderie!


Location: St Andrews, United Kingdom
More information and registration: summer school website

Evolang 2018

16-19 April 2018


Evolang 2018 is the 12th International Conference on Language Evolution. The Evolang conference series provides the major meeting for researchers worldwide in the origins and evolution of language. The conferences are interdisciplinary, with contributions from disciplines including, but not limited to: anthropology, archeology, artificial life, biology, cognitive science, genetics, linguistics, modeling, paleontology, physiology, primatology, and psychology. Typically, about 300 delegates attend, with representatives from all these disciplines.


Location: Torun, Poland
Abstract deadline: 15 September 2017
More information: conference website


27-28 September 2018


The perception of environmental stimuli, their processing and integration is essential for any organism. Apart from the more familiar senses like hearing, seeing or tasting, there are sensory tasks performed by highly specialized animals, such as echolocation in bats or the perception of polarized light in grasshoppers. Sensory processing consequently also differs strongly between species. However, at the same time there are astonishing similarities between sensory modalities of phylogenetically distant animal groups, such as the shared cellular structure of light-sensitive organs or the genetic control and developmental origin of sensory cells. With methodological innovation, more and more species can be used for detailed analyses, which further expand the understanding of the evolution of sensation.


GOEvol is an evolutionary biology network based in Göttingen, Germany, and they present their 2018 conference on the evolution of sensation. GOEvol VI – #Sensation @GOEEvolution 2018 will be a small interdisciplinary symposium with an informal atmosphere. Because of the diversity of research and various methodologies in multiple (emerging) model organisms in the field of evolution of sensation the organizers want to bring together scientists from a broad range of fields to reveal commonalities across disciplines.


Location: Göttingen, Germany
Registration deadline: 15 July 2018 via registration website
More information and registration: conference website

The Evolution of Knowledge &HPS7: Integrated History and Philosophy of Science

5-7 July 2018


The Evolution of Knowledge conference is the 7th in a series of biennial conferences for integrating the history of science and philosophy of science, known as &HPS. The meeting is organised by the Committee for Integrated HPS (history and philosophy of science) and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. The theme “evolution of knowledge” aims at refocusing the history and philosophy of science on long-term and global aspects.


Location: Hannover, Germany
Abstract deadline: 15 December 2017
More information and registration: conference website

Evolution, Evolvability and Change

11-12 April 2018

The York Cross-disciplinary Centre for Systems Analysis and University of York are hosting an international workshop exploring the cross-disciplinary theme of Evolution, Evolvability and Change. It seeks to bring together ideas, approaches, concepts, and perspectives from natural biological systems and other physical systems, from engineered physical and virtual systems, and from human social systems. Researchers from these connected fields will be able to engage across the disciplines, to discuss the latest findings, to transfer discoveries and concepts from one field to another, and to inspire new ideas and new collaborations across the theme. Keynote speakers are Prof Tom McLeish (Durham University, UK), Prof Guillaume Beslon (INRIA, Lyon, France) and Dr Habil Marco Vignuzzi (Institut Pasteur, France).


Location: York, UK
Registration: registration website
More information: workshop website

1st Münster Evolution Meeting

4-6 October 2018


The Münster Evolution Meeting is a forum in which to present and discuss evolutionary questions across all fields (botany, zoology, microbiology, medicine, philosophy, etc) and levels (from molecules to societies). The meeting aims to bring evolutionary biologists working in German-speaking countries together in a smaller setting, to allow for intensive networking and discussion. The two and a half day meeting will feature one day of talks on microevolution and another on macroevolution.


Location: Münster, Germany
Abstract submission deadline: 1 May 2018
Registration submission deadline: 13 September 2018
More information: conference website

Talking Evolution

26-28 September 2018


“Where is evolutionary thinking currently at? What advances to our understanding of evolutionary processes have been made? What gaps are there?”


The workshop “Talking evolution” offers the opportunity to present and discuss traditional evolutionary thinking in the light of findings from the fields of niche construction theory, extra-genetic inheritance, developmental bias and phenotypic plasticity.


The workshop will feature prominent speakers from all fields, targets young and established researchers currently working or planning on working in these fields, and encourages discussions in an openly structured timetable. Plenary speakers are: Paul Brakefield (Trinity College, UK), Luis-Miguel Chevin (CEFE, France), Troy Day (Queen’s University, Canada), Ilkka Kronholm (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), Kevin Laland (University of St Andrews, UK) & Sonia Sultan (Wesleyan University, USA). See the workshop flyer.


Location:  Plön, Germany
Abstract submission deadline: 30 April 2018
Registration: registration website
Organizers: Noémie Erin, Alice Feurtey, Dominik Schmid & Vandana Venkateswaran

Social Learning and Cultural Evolution Summer Workshop

21-22 June 2018


The Young Social Learning Researchers (YSLR) network will be hosting its second annual workshop in St Andrews in June. YSLR aims to bring together early career researchers from all corners of the broad and diverse field of Social Learning, to promote interdisciplinary collaborations and form an international community. The workshop will provide a platform for discussion on the state-of-art in the field, and will help participants develop interdisciplinary thinking and build a support network of fellow researchers. The workshop will conclude with a panel discussion on “Learning in the field – 20 years of Social Learning”, with Malinda Carpenter, Kevin Laland, Luke Rendell and (TBC) Ellen Garland.


Location: St Andrews, UK
Registration deadline: 20 April 2018
More information and registration: workshop website

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