Research projects

The research program comprises 22 research projects organised across four interconnected themes. The projects have been designed to produce results that will support or reject the EES claims about constructive development and reciprocal causation. The program of research will provide multiple tests of all EES predictions, and make a number of additional contributions.



  1. Conceptual issues

  2. 1. The EES in historical focusInfo

    2. The EES in philosophical focusInfo

  3. Evolutionary innovations

  4. 3. How evolution learns from experienceInfo

    4. Developmental bias and the origin of adaptive variationInfo

    5. The role of developmental plasticity in innovation and diversification of Onthophagus beetlesInfo

    6. Evolution and ontogeny of complex group adaptationInfo

    7. The origins of organismal complexityInfo

    8. Plasticity and house building in social insectsInfo

  5. Inclusive inheritance

  6. 9. The evolution of inclusive heredity through the genomic interactions of symbiontsInfo

    10. Adaptation through genes without change to the genome: host adaptation via change in its microbiome compositionInfo

    11. Evolution of extra-genetic inheritance: a life-cycle perspectiveInfo

    12. Extra-genetic inheritance and adaptation to novel environmentsInfo

    13. Adaptation through niche construction and microbiome function in Onthophagus beetlesInfo

  7. Evolutionary diversification

  8. 14. An experimental test of plasticity-led evolutionInfo

    15. Plasticity and adaptive radiation in Anolis lizardsInfo

    16. Phenotypic plasticity, developmental bias and evolutionary diversification in butterfliesInfo

    17. Plasticity as a bridge between micro- and macroevolutionInfo

    18. Adaptive trends and parallel evolution generated by niche constructionInfo

    19. Niche construction, plasticity and the diversity of coral reef faunaInfo

    20. Niche construction and evolutionary diversity in experimental marine microbial communitiesInfo

    21. Macro-evolutionary dynamics of niche constructionInfo

    22. Ecosystem networks and system-level functionsInfo

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