Project 15
Plasticity and adaptive radiation in Anolis lizards

Led by Tobias Uller & Nathalie Feiner




This project tests the hypothesis that developmental responses to mechanical stress drive adaptive diversification in Anolis lizard limb length. We are assessing the role of plasticity in divergence of limb length through comparison of (i) phenotypic plasticity in animals reared in different conditions and (ii) interspecies comparisons between phenotypically divergent species, through comparative gene expression analysis in long bone growth zones.



Developmental plasticity in reptiles: Insights from temperature‐dependent gene expression in wall lizard embryos.
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Feiner N, Rago A, While GM, Uller T. 2018. J Exp Zool 1-11, DOI: 10.1002/jez.2175.
Signatures of selection in embryonic transcriptomes of lizards adapting in parallel to cool climate.
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Feiner N, Rago A, While GM, Uller T. 2017. Evolution 72(1):67-81.


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