Project 10
Adaptation through genes without change to the genome: host adaptation via change in its microbiome composition

Led by Marc Feldman


the holobiont


This project uses mathematical approaches to predict and interpret patterns of inheritance of microbial diversity under different environmental conditions. Our analysis has particular relevance for medicine, as well as providing theoretical predictions for other fields such as pest control and nature preservation.



Coordinated change at the colony level in fruit bat fur microbiomes through time.
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Kolodny O, Weinberg M, Reshef L, Harten L, Hefetz A, Gophna U, Feldman MW, Yovel Y. 2018. Nat Ecol Evol DOI: 10.1038/s41559-018-0731-z


Blog posts

Research project 10: Host adaptation via change in its microbiome
Feldman MW, Kolodny O. 3 October 2017.


EES predictions this project tests

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