Dr Maria Dornelas

Principal Investigator


Email: Maria Dornelas
Phone: +44 1334 463324


Dr Maria Dornelas is a Reader in the School of Biology at the University of St Andrews, United Kingdom. She was awarded a BSc from the Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal and a PhD from James Cook University, Australia. Dornelas' research focuses on quantifying biodiversity and understanding the processes that shape it. Much of her research is on tropical systems and specifically coral reefs, but she also works with tropical freshwater fish, mangrove crabs and plants for example, as her research is more question-driven that organism-driven. Dornelas combines ecological theory, synthesis of existing data, and fieldwork in her research, and most of her research questions fall under the disciplines of community ecology, macroecology and biogeography. She tends to work on intermediate spatio-temporal scales (that is communities and networks of communities over time-scales of years to tens of years).

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