Maria Svensson-Coelho

Dr Maria Svensson Coelho

Research technician


Email: Maria Svensson Coelho
Phone: +46 73 406 25 09


Maria Svensson Coelho is a research technician with Charlie Cornwallis at Lund University. Maria works on the “Chlamy-project” which studies the transition from uni- to multicellularity using the volvocine green algae Chlamydomonas. Before joining the Cornwallis group, Maria's research centered around avian malaria. Her research examined how community dynamics of the avian malaria system varies geographically, how host phylogeographic structure relates to that of their malaria parasites, and what host and ecological factors influence host specificity of parasites. Maria is broadly interested in biodiversity and evolution with a soft spot for terrestrial vertebrates, which are responsible for her initial fascination with nature and the reason she chose to become a biologist.

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