William Cresko

Prof William Cresko

University of Oregon


Email: William Cresko
Phone: +1 541 346 4779


William Cresko is Professor and Associate Vice President for Research at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Oregon. Cresko is interested in the developmental genetic basis of phenotypic variation in the Order Gasterosteiformes, a lineage that comprises stickleback, pipefish and seahorses. His research group conducts molecular genetic and developmental studies on variation in bone and cartilage structures, in particular head, jaw and defensive armor characters. They are asking whether the genes and developmental pathways that are important for threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) microevolution are involved in the macroevolutionary changes leading to the diverse phenotypes seen in leafy sea dragons, pipefish and seahorses, to name a few.

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