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Why do we need an EES?

by Massimo Pigliucci

Do we need an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (EES)? Back in 2007 I argued for a positive answer in a paper published in Evolution. A few years later, with my colleague Gerd Müller, I co-edited an entire volume to attempt to map the territory of what an EES would look like. And now, with this blog

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Human influences on evolution: Theme issue thumbnail

Human influences on evolution: Theme issue

by Erik I Svensson

Niche construction refers to a process by which organisms modify their environments through their evolved traits, which in turn can feed back on the organisms themselves by modifying the selection processes they experience. Although the evolutionary importance and consequences of such niche construction is still debated, few biologists would deny its existence. The classical example

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Mum’s microbes are important for dung beetle development thumbnail

Mum’s microbes are important for dung beetle development

by Katrina J Falkenberg

An animal’s microbes not only help it to digest food, absorb nutrients and fight disease, they are also important during normal development. Researchers at Indiana University have shown that the collection of microbes passed from a beetle mother to her offspring (the maternal microbiome) is critically important for development of beetle larvae and their resistance

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Introducing EES Update thumbnail

Introducing EES Update

by Kevin N Laland & Tobias Uller

It is a privilege to study evolution in this tremendously exciting era. New ideas and data are flooding in and, to many of us, the findings are both exhilarating and challenging. Evolutionary biology has never been more vibrant.   At the same time, the very nature of the scientific process is changing. Social media is

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