Project 5
The role of developmental plasticity in innovation and diversification of Onthophagus beetles

Led by Armin MoczekEmile Snell-Rood


dung bettles and dung ball


This projects tests how evolutionary innovation, or the development of novel phenotypic variation, is affected by developmental processes and ecological conditions.  Using the well-established dung beetle model, Onthophagus, we are testing the prediction that plasticity biases the evolution of morphological and life-history traits.



The role of ancestral phenotypic plasticity in evolutionary diversification: population density effects in horned beetles.
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Casasa S, Moczek AP. 2018. Animal Behaviour 137:53-61.
Signals of selection in conditionally expressed genes in the diversification of three horned beetle species.
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Pespeni MH, Ladner JT, Moczek AP. 2017. J Evol Biol 10.1111/jeb.13079.


Blog posts

Conditional gene expression, developmental plasticity, and the diversification of horned beetles
Moczek AP. 21 July 2017.


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